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Travel agency Adria Velebitica headquartered in Brušane near Gospic (Nature Park), designed for you attractive adrenaline and adventure programs that you can experience on the beautiful parts of Velebit and Lika and our adventure centre Rizvan City.

Quality and innovative programs, as well as beautiful nature that surrounds us we attracted and hosted many Croatian and foreign companies and individuals.

What makes us special: We can offer you a unique combination of programs at sea and the mountains. Our location allows that!

In our offer you can find activities for students (schools), and for a group of individuals (friends , family ) who want to see Lika, Velebit and spend a quality weekend. Of course, we organize accommodation and food within the program.

Visit us and experience an unforgettable adventure - paintball, archery, caving, absailing, trekking , jeep safari, and other activities all in the area of intact nature. Velebit and Lika will delight you and your friends.

It is our wish to visit us and we guarantee you'll have a good time, experience something new that will long be remembered.


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MARTIN d.o.o.
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Telefon: 098/245-769

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