Tesla photo hunt

Tesla photo hunt is a team building adventure activity that we thematically tied with Nikola Tesla. Participants get a list of tasks whit concepts that are related to Tesla and his life, and are armed with a camera tend to "catch“.

The game is ideal for seminar participants but also for people who spend most of their working time indoors . Walking through town and discover its history and culture, get to know the residents of the city, because without their help the task will not be successfully resolved . Grow closer to each other and connect developing a team spirit, trust and communication.

Some of the tasks:

  • Photo of street sign Nikola Tesla
  • Photo of a lightning rod ( Tesla's invention, patented 1918 )
  • Photo of dynamo ( also one of many of Tesla's inventions )
  • Photo of HEP (Croatian electric company) vehicle.
  • Photo of electricity pillar and light bulb ( modern legacy of Nikola Tesla )
  • Photo of fire stations building (at the first fire parade in Gospic , despite the efforts of firefighters from the pump did not come out even a drop of water , Tesla then jumps in and takes out a tube from the mud)
  • Photo of an umbrella (he jumped from the roof of the house but did not remain floating in the air)
  • Which group catches more tasks, is the winner