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Paintball is one of the most exciting “extreme” sports game in the World played by the millions of men and women of all age groups and lifestyles. While trying to perform you are at the same time, trying to eliminate opponents shooting them by paint balls of the paintball gun. Thinking, determination and fast reaction are qualities needed to win. Paintball adventure can be experienced on our exceptionally attractive fields, proven to be the best in Croatia.

Adrenaline bomb are rows from the World War II that carry small part of the atmosphere from the past. Conquering the flag, fort, and attack to the military base are only some part of the scenario that will lift layers adrenaline to the heavenly heights.

Suggested types of the scenario:
– conquering the central flag (speedball terrain in the woods)
– conquering the military base (terrain in the woods, recreational type of the game, guerrilla mode)

First scenario:

Conquering the central flag – scenario is played on the polygon of the 50 x 10 m size. In the middle of the polygon there is a flag. Players of one team are given an arm strap (for recognition) and start off with play from their own bases positioned at the opposite sides of the polygon. The goal of the each team is to conquer the flag and take it to the opponent’s base. Estimated time of the game is around 10 minutes upon which the sides switch.

Second scenario:

Conquering the military base – scenario is played on the terrain composed of two hills under the woods and near surroundings. On one plateau there is a military base (World War II rows, patrol tower, guard-house, bridges, commander’s house…) One team must defend the base while other must conquer it. The base is conquered when any of the players from the attack team enters the commander’s house and takes the flag. This scenario is very interesting because the defence players do not have to be inside the tower while defending, but can be positioned anywhere in the woods. Approximately this scenario is played around 30 minutes, depending on the tactics and capability of the players.

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