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Adria Velebitica Cave adventure image

Cave adventure

Experience the wonderful adventure in one of the most beautiful caves on the Mediterranean sea that you will remember for long time and bore your relatives and friends telling over and over again of this unique adventure!!!!!!!

What is this really about??!!

Cave “Modrič” is situated in the place Rovanjska near the Starigrad Paklenica. It is 829 m long and filled with gorgeous stalactite, stalagmite (along the way you will finally be able to distinguish those two), columns, and many other forms that imagination transforms to organs, cuttlefish and fairy tale characters.

The cave is protected natural object and has not been adapted for tourists. The visits are organized in groups of 12 and in one completely new and natural ecological approach that really enables you to completely experience this wonderful cave.

Visit is estimated to 1,5 hours with the experienced guide speleologist at very comfortable 17-18°C.

We will provide helmets, carbide lights and linen suits. Your part is to be in the sports shoes and good mood.

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