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Rent a e-bike

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completely nature friendly, leaving no trace in nature

A novelty in our offer is the rental of modern E-bikes with which you will be able to get to know our region in a better, "nature friendly" way while covering more kilometers in an easier way.

We rent modern e-bikes GIANT FATHOM E+ 2 29 and GIANT TALON E+ 2 29.

The special feature of our offer is that along with renting an e-bike, you also get a mobile phone stand and you can install an application on your mobile device, for which we will send you a link to several surrounding tours that we have designed for you.

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A sense of security

You will enjoy new landscapes, beautiful scenes of Lika’s nature, visit sights and surrounding villages, and feel carefree and safe in the unknown, knowing that the navigation will surely bring you back to the place from where you started.

An experience that lasts

Longer routes are no longer demanding, but allow you to spend more time enjoying driving, sightseeing, researching and getting to know each other, as well as activities in the fresh air. Routes of about 30 km require almost no special fitness because the electric motor helps you drive.


You can rent e-bikes at our Adventure and Excursion Center Rizvan City or we can bring them to your accommodation.


The routes are designed for you to go around carefree and get to know the surroundings: fairy-tale views, hidden settlements, sights and interesting places, mostly on local roads, macadam and woods.

The routes we designed take you around our center, that is, to the wider area of ​​Gospić, and when negotiating the rent, we will send you a link from which you can download the routes to your mobile device. In addition to experiencing the e-bike ride itself, visit the Nikola Tesla Memorial Center, the Grabovača Cave Park, the Lica River, etc.

You can view cycling routes in the vicinity of Gospić on the website of TZ Lika-Senjska at: <
You can view cycling routes in the vicinity of Gospić on the website of the TZ of the City of Gospić at: https: //

1 e-bike 50 € 90 €
2 e-bikes 90 € 170 €
3 e-bikes 125 € 240 €
4 e-bikes 160 € 300 €

The price includes:

  • rental of a quality mountain e-bike
  • delivery to your location (up to 25 km to our center)
  • helmet
  • security padlock
  • bicycle route map for mobile phone


For multi-day rental, please contact us at

When taking over the e-bikes, a Rental Agreement is concluded.