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Team building programs

Teamwork is the engine that drives most businesses and is essential for your business to succeed. Team building center "Rizvan City" is the first center in Croatia that specializes in accepting companies for outdoor team building programs, and provides a unique opportunity for your team members to engage in fun and challenging experiences that will promote teamwork and improve communication. We specialize in adventure team building programs that take place in nature. We take you to Lika and Northern Dalmatia.

The Adria Velebitica travel agency specializes in adventure team building programs that take place in nature.

We carry out corporate team building and incentive programs in our Adventure and Excursion Center Rizvan City, in the area of ​​Velebit and Lika, but we can also offer our services in Northern Dalmatia.

We offer unpredictable challenges to companies that want to have motivated, calm, satisfied, self-confident and team-conscious workers.

Team building is a set of educational and recreational activities whose purpose is to create a team you can rely on. The concept of the program implies navigating in a new environment, far from the workplace and the security of civilization. In other words, it’s a series of fun, strategic games that your team of employees must solve. They have to find their way in a new situation, they find and realize solutions together. Of course, there are more teams, so they compete with each other for the best possible results.

The purpose of the team building program:

reducing accumulated stress
improving communication between employees under stress
strengthening team spirit and self-confidence
assumption of risk and responsibility
making decisions
creative problem solving
a high-quality and new way of getting to know each other
discovering new values ​​and abilities of the participants
enhancing the cohesion and safety of the group and individual
preparation for better handling in new situations
acceptance of risks and crisis situations outside the “comfort zone”
respect for personal and equal relationships within the group
developing mutual tolerance and self-criticism
teamwork and unity according to the principle “all for one, one for all”
Incentive programs:

reward your team and provide them with unforgettable fun in untouched nature
emotionally “attach” your customer to your company
thank your colleagues
As an additional motivation for program participants, it is possible to organize most of the activities through team competition, that is, at the end of the planned activities, to organize the distribution of prizes based on their success.


It is clear to us that there are several agencies in Croatia that organize team building programs.

Choose our agency because:

  • we have people who take care of everything
  • we offer excellent service, the best value for money
  • for us, safety comes first, second and third
  • we offer a flexible and friendly approach
  • we have competitive prices, no hidden extras
  • so far, more than 800 clients have placed their trust in us

Select the Adventure and Excursion Center
Rizvan City because:

  • the first Team building center in Croatia
  • we offer only so many activities in one place
  • attractive location of the center
  • activities + food + accommodation in one place
  • trained instructors with many years of experience

Your team will have fun, enjoy dynamic corporate team building activities and at the end thank you for a fantastic experience from an event to remember.